Gjendebåten AS - 2017


We are proud to announce the delivery by Maritime Partner AS to Gjendebåten AS.  The new catamaran has been tested at sea in the Ålesund area, and is now ready for the transport up to the mountain lake at Gjende. With a fuel consumption of only 6 l/nautical mile @ 20 knots with full load (98 pax and deck cargo) the new catamaran will provide the more than 60.000 passengers carried each year a safe and comfortable cruise before / after their expeditions over Besseggen and the fabulous Jotunheimen Mountain range.

A warm Congratulation to shipowners Heidi and Harald Rune. We are grateful for being chosen as designer and Naval Architect for your new Mountain Queen, and of course very nice to see the new catamaran join the “Gjendine”, a monohull of our design as well.